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If we sell your product to 5% of the US market, we already sold it to the entire Italian market.


Develop Plan We will provide research and support to assist you in understanding the market opportunity and potential demand.

Product Plan Is your product ready to launch? We will assist with pricing and promotional strategies as well as forecasting inventories.

Develop Channel Strategy We will provide the timing needed by various class of trade channels. We have proven planning tools used to help make the launch successful.

Monitor Progress We have professional tracking tools developed to analyze weekly sales and inventory levels. We use these tools to ensure that we are working our original plan.

Do you have an idea or a project? We will be happy to develop a dynamic strategy with you to bring your product to market! We look forward to hearing from you.

Business Analysis:
Customized reporting tools available to track current sales trends as well as uncover new opportunities for our clients. We are able to provide our buyers and clients a variety of reports in a concise format that will enable them to identify exactly where their business is and where they can grow. We can also uncover potential issues before they become a major dilemma.

New Item Introduction:
Key aspect for both manufacturers and customers. We work to prepare detailed analysis of both projected sales and profit potential for the customer. Our customized program is a proven tool that has been utilized by many of our key customers. If you are not properly prepared prior to your appointment your success is significantly minimized.

Competitive Sales Tracking:
Vital reporting tool used to track major customer sales promotions for our clients as well as the competition. Our buyers need to be informed as to what is going on in the market and they look to us for this information.

Business Planning:
Comprehensive plan outlining various go-to-market strategies. We will work with you to formulate attainable goals. This is the key to implementing a successful plan to drive sales.

Assist with inventory levels both current and future with detailed analysis of in store and warehouse levels. We are able to provide everyday sales data as well as promotional lift activity to ensure expected in stock levels from our key customers.

Promotional Tracking:
Detailed analysis to ensure that designated marketing funds achieve the sales volume forecasted in the annual plan. Are you currently spending your valuable marketing dollars correctly?

Exnovo, LLC is a sales organization designed and developed to help Italian companies bring their products and ideas to the US and Canadian market through speed of execution.

We understand, from experience through strategic planning, focus, and follow up, how to achieve results. We feel that the manner in which a company delivers on its efficiencies and improves its effectiveness makes the difference between achieving optimal performance and, simply, basic participation. We bring a point of difference to your individual, company and product needs. We help you understand the market and its requirements. There is complete collaboration with the consumers in mind.

We would enjoy discussing with you how Exnovo, LLC can help your company create new opportunities to grow your business. You will receive personalized attention and service from our efficient, experienced team.

Please give us a call. Our clients are happy that they did!

Paolo Internicola

What can Exnovo, LLC do for you? The following chart provides a general overview of services
offered, with the descriptions of each service below. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.